ucaoimhu (ucaoimhu) wrote,

Why Ucaoimhu wrote his Con report three weeks late

Because saying "The Baltimore NPL Con was the most fun you can have with three sheets of vellum, five Quizzards, a bag of Jelly-Bellies, three millennia of art, 1534 cryptic clues, three cosolvers, a couple dozen celebrity pictures, 100 celebrity names, 30 crab-transdeletions, 30 beery questions, 40 flats, 29 holes, a glass of pineapple juice, and 534 rhythmically written letters" seemed like such a cliche. (Apologizes for any omissions or incorrect numerical values.)

On the site: Various additions to Misc Cryptics, and Con Cryptics now go back to my first. (The cryptic suite I brought to Baltimore isn't on Con Cryptics yet; contact me if you want a copy.)
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